IP health check

Get any IP health checked and stop spam, scam and infected visitors
Health result
  • Toxic
  • Proxy
  • Spam
JSON response
Try our JSON API
$ curl --compressed api.antideo.com/ip/health/
const request = require('request');

request('http://api.antideo.com/ip/health/', function(error, res, body) {
$.getJSON('http://api.antideo.com/ip/health/', function(data){
$request = file_get_contents('http://api.antideo.com/ip/health/');
$response = gzdecode($request);
$result = json_decode($response);
require 'json'
require 'open-uri'

Use our API to query the health (reputation) of any IP address and receive response in JSON containing the following:
  1. Toxic IP health check result
    - true if the IP address is part of toxic/infected IP range or network
    - false if IP address is not considered as toxic
  2. IP to known proxies result
    - JSON object containing proxy type and last seen date/time
    - false if the IP address does not appear to be proxy
  3. IP spam lookup result
    - JSON object containing number of reports and last reported date/time
    - false if the IP address does not appear in our SPAM database
For more details please consult our documentation
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